Winning project aimed to tackle the challenge of people with disabilities needing to give Irish Rail 24 hours’ notice before travelling.

Caroline Cunningham took to the Inspirefest stage, representing the winning team from the Mini Hack Access competition, Navigational Platform.

The Mini Hack Access was run by Hack Access Dublin in partnership with experience design agency Solvers, with special guests Joanne O’Riordan, advocate and journalist; and Noel Joyce, head of design at Hax in China.

The theme of the competition was accessibility, and it provided templates to help participants frame their thinking and come up with hacks that would improve accessibility and inclusion.

Pitch 4 again taking us through the journey of mark with a disability and navigational platform taking inspiration from @Tesla selfdriving cars to come up with a solution.

Innovative ideas stir up here at #Inspirefest @weare_solvers @HackAccessDub

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